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Keeping you connected to the internet and everyone else in the office

Here at Braintek, we often run into businesses that have poorly performing wireless network infrastructures. All too often we see technicians install multiple routers or separate access points designated as “Wireless Downstairs” and “Wireless Upstairs,” or some other similar variation. This is a shortcut configuration which presents several problems. It requires users to have multiple setups across the WiFi network and result in weak signals and slow speeds while attempting to connect to the wireless network. 

Braintek takes a different approach by installing a mesh style wireless systemwhich acts as a signal wireless network. You connect to your wireless network “MyCompanyWifi”, then as you walk around the building with your laptop, tablet, or mobile device you seamlessly will connect to the closet wireless point that is available giving you the best possible speeds and coverage. If we find areas that have poor performance, we can simply add additional hardware and it will automatically be part of the larger system.

Braintek can also assist with connecting buildings that are within line of sight of each other. The best possible scenario is to run a cable between buildings but often that is not an option. The next option would be to run a wireless bridge to connect the buildings together making the two buildings operate as if there was a single cable joining them together.

Networking - Wireless & Wired

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