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Hosted Email – Most Popular Managed Application Services

Would you like to use Microsoft Office 365 for your business email, but just don’t want to pay the high upfront cost associated with it?

Hosted email represents one of the most popular managed application services.

Email and other messaging protocols have become critical to communication, collaboration, and file exchange for most businesses, regardless of size. With Microsoft Office 365 standing out as the clear leader when it comes to email solutions, most business owners have come to prefer it above other platforms.

Even so, the cost associated with setting up and maintaining in-house email servers and infrastructure is prohibitive for small to mid-sized businesses. By opting for hosted email through Braintek, you can enjoy the functionality and performance of an Office 365 environment without spending money that could serve you better elsewhere.

Hosted Email – A Clear Small Business IT Solution

When it comes to a business IT solution for your small organization, you want something reliable, feature rich, and affordable. Hosted email is the clear answer for these reasons:

  1. MINIMAL INITIAL COSTS. With managed IT services like hosted email, there’s no need to buy expensive software and hardware equipment. And, we include Microsoft Office 365 mailboxes for your entire staff in our flat monthly support packages. Our Braintek engineers will handle all associated support and configurations.

  2. RAPID DEPLOYMENT. It takes 30 days and sometime more to deploy an in-house Microsoft Office 365 system. And that’s when using dedicated staff members to get the job done! With hosted email, you can get started in minutes.

  3. RELIABILITY AND MAINTENANCE. With in-house solutions, lack of redundancy and resources can cause reliability and performance issues to crop up at the most inopportune times. With hosted email, updates are performed as needed by our expert technicians and all systems are backed up and fully redundant. This means downtime is rare, so it’s unlikely you’ll experience any disruption of vital business communications.

  4. PERSONALIZED SUPPORT. You’ll have Braintek professionals on hand whenever you do have a question or concern. We’re just a phone call or email away, no matter where you are.

  5. SECURITY AND UPGRADES. Businesses who use in-house email solutions must stay vigilant to ward off viruses, SPAM, and potential security breaches. They may delay installing upgrades for one reason or another, causing a cascade of issues that can grow into a costly quagmire. With Braintek’s hosted email solution, upgrades are installed immediately and security and mobility services are included.

When it comes to managed application services, hosted email is definitely one of the most important, especially for small to mid-sized businesses. And remember, the best thing about it – we include Microsoft Office 365 mailboxes for your entire staff in all of our flat monthly fee IT support packages

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