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We provide constant monitoring of your systems so you can focus on Business

Managed Services

Most offices are more and more reliant on technology and any issues brings down productivity.  While it is impossible to prevent all computer issues, regular maintenance and monitoring helps prevent outages and many issues from happening in the first place.


Managed services and monitoing eliminates surprises from your technology and your budget.  This allows you to maximize your technology ROI and more freedone to focus on what is really important – running your business.

You’ve worked hard to grow your business and build a positive rapport with current clients. You need a working IT network to properly respond to client needs. A downed network means you can’t respond to emails and messaging from clients and prospects. It’s easy to imagine that any amount of downtime can have a negative impact on client perception of your business and brand. Hence the need for Network Server Support and Monitoring.

No matter the size of your business, if you have a computer network, you need 24/7 server support and monitoring just like the industry giants. It’s critical if you’re going to avoid costly network outages and both the tangible and intangible financial loss associated with them.

Using Braintek as your outsourced technical support solution is like having your own internal IT department, but without the exorbitant cost. Your company’s IT network will have the attention, expert support, and care typically only available to businesses with a dedicated IT staff. Are you in

Double Click Computing Managed Services provides remote monitoring for every piece of hardware and software in your business.

The system acts like an automated critical care unit, with the ability to conduct routine checkups, boost healthy performance, diagnose and cure minor ailments, and send critical alerts to NWG engineers.

When you make Managed Services your IT watchdog, you can save money, increase your team's productivity, and relax in the knowledge that your systems are always under control.

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