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Company Overview

You hold your business to a higher standard. So do we.


Whether you are using computers at home, run a home office, small office or a sizable business with extensive computerhardware and software, IT reliability is critical to your day-to-day operations. We are dpeendant on our technology .

Double Click Computing is not just in the technology business - we are in the service business.

Since 19xx, Double Click has taken pride in partnering with business owners like you to deliver top notch IT support throughout NJ.

Our entire business has been built on referrals from our clients.  Double Click continues to provude the best in customer service and the highest client retention.

We are skilled in all forms of technology - but focus on people and their specific needs.


With over 30 years of technology background covering computer and networking hardware, software, and third party ...

Our partnerships provide above-and-beyond resources for a wide range of hardware and software issues. That’s why we say that no one of us knows as much as all of us.

Whether you run a small office or a sizable business with servers and a fleet of workstations, IT reliability is critical to your day-to-day operations. If your IT systems go down, your business could go with them.

As a locally owned, full-service computer store, Advanced Tech Inc has been providing sound business advice and common sense technology solutions to Sioux Falls business owners since 2001.

Our goal is to make your daily operations more focused and effective. Our strengths lie in streamlining your systems and processes to make them more responsive and efficient, eliminating unseen security risks and deploying proven solutions to help businesses of all sizes become more productive.


We offer unparalleled critical care through our 24/7 Managed Services suite and one-hour emergency response time (day or night).

Contact us to find out how better IT service and expertise can transform your business.

Our knowledgeable and friendly representatives will help you save money with superior productivity using our innovative Business Technology Management strategy, continuous IT monitoring, and progressive IT infrastructure design. We provide on-site and remote IT support for an optimal response to any situation. Advanced Tech Inc is also able to predict your evolving needs and solve problems before they happen. We design IT infrastructure that allows your company to grow with ease and stability.

Advanced Tech Inc provides outstanding and reliable IT consulting services. We approach each new client by listening and getting to know their company’s needs and priorities so we have a clear understanding of their expectations. Our mission is to not only meet those expectations but exceed them and build a relationship founded in trust.

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